Advanced Psychological Research Methods ​​

Advanced Psychological Research Methods


  • Welcome to the course of Advanced Psychological Research Methods!
  • This course is designed to allow clinically oriented students to learn about experimental methods and related knowledge in clinical psychology. The course will discuss a variety of research designs and methods commonly used in the fields of clinical and health psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, and animal research. Topics covered include the scientific research process, formulating research questions, measurement validity and reliability, laboratory research, survey research, qualitative methods, and more. Learning about research methods in clinical psychology is not only foundational for understanding the overall cutting-edge field, but also provides a foundation for conducting your own research in the future.


  • Course Overview, Problem Selection and Types of Experiments
  • Sample and Sampling in Experimental Research
  • Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics and Interpretation of Experimental Results
  • Reliability and Questionnaire Development
  • Behavioral measures
  • Non-experimental research: description and correlation
  • Qualitative Research
  • Pre-experimental vs. true experimental research methods
  • Quasi-experimental research (online)
  • Physiological Signal Recording
  • Brain Imaging Experimental Techniques
  • Brain Imaging and the Treatment of Mental Illness
  • Computational Modeling and Machine Learning in Clinical Psychology
Yujia Peng
Yujia Peng
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Yujia Peng is an assistant professor at the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University.